Project Funding

BlackChilli bcc Project Funding Drive ‘20-21

‘Let’s make #business larger, together’ -making this tagline, the most successful #BusinessModule —— an industry experience over more than three-decades, served more than 115 clients in five-industry verticals, and still continuing —— today, BlackChilli bcc is a complete creative production and planning agency for conventional #print, #electronic, and #OOH #media —— also BlackChilli bcc serves as a #content creator, content marketeer, and data analytical agency for leading #SocialMedia platforms.

The year 2020 and 2021 is marked for business expansion and revenue growth at BlackChilli bcc —— the current business operations will be extended to two more business verticals. Also, with its team of content-writing, content-creating, content-curating, BlackChilli bcc will strengthen and expand its social media channel brand ‘BlackCafé bcc’ and will turn its generic content and featured shows from self-marketed sponsors to respective social media content monetisation modules. This change will bring in long term sustainable revenue generation possibilities on variety of social media contents in the format of a blog and a vlog. This projected business module for BlackCafé bcc is the brain child of BlackChilli bcc – it is nurtured in-house, and already executed as pilot project to ascertain its success.

BlackChilli bcc, hereby invites to join hands in its fund raising initiative ‘BlackChilli bcc Project Funding Drive ‘20-21’ where, this drive is nomenclature as #bccPF’20-21 and the detail/s about its Tenure, RoI Calculation Method, RoI Disbursement Schedule, and Liquidity Bonus is/are: 1) Tenure: two years locking period from the date of realisation of fund; 2) RoI Calculation Method: Return on Investment: RoI of #bccPF’20-21 is calculated as- 1. Assured annual return at the rate of 18% of the fund, OR 2. at the rate of 2% of the gross project revenue generated, WHICH EVER IS HIGHER; 3) RoI Disbursement Schedule: RoI to be disbursed at the end of every six months’ duration; and, 4) Liquidity Bonus: At the end of #bccPF’20-21 tenure, the fund sum will be returned with bonus sum calculated at the rate of 10% of basic sum funded.

Fund raised through #bccPF’20-21 will be invested in any of / all of these manner/s: 1) Acquiring fixed asset/s; 2) Installing furniture/s and fixture/s; 3) Procuring pre-production and post-production hardware equipment/s and software licence/s; 4) Utilising the fund in content and/or IP development, and promoting BlackChilli bcc’s social media brand ‘BlackCafé bcc’ on various possible platforms to increase its audience reach.

Come, accept this invitation of investing in BlackChilli bcc Project Funding Drive ‘20-21 -#bccPF’20-21, and ‘let’s make business larger, together’.