The POOJA Show

Well reckoned radio jockey, producer, story-teller, and a show host POOJA DALAL DHOLAKIA hosts ‘The POOJA Show’, where she invites eminent personalities from diverse fields to have an honest, truthful, sincere, direct, straightforward conversation. The participant/s in ‘The POOJA Show’ is/are: academician/s, business executor/s, socialite/s, public serving officer/s, and – or personalities from literature, media, and entertainment world.

The format of BlackCafé bcc ‘THE POOJA SHOW’ will be a motion picture, featuring eminent personality’s audio-visual interview, and it will be released on: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter, and youtube.

The content of ‘The POOJA Show’ will be tagged as paid/sponsored content on social media if the revenue is fetched through various categorised sponsor/s of the episode, otherwise the content will be monetised.

BlackCafé bcc intends to do so as this: firstly; will help to understand the real life living of the personality; second this will help to understand the participant personality’s approach towards life; and third, the content will in turn be rolled out as a message or example as to how to be a good human, grounded yet honoured, noted, and respectable person in the society.